Thrustmaster Reveals TM Leather 28 Wheel


Thrustmaster, since 2010, has really fleshed out their ecosystem, giving owners a variety of rims to use on their T500RS, T300RS, and TX racing wheels. Now, we have another rim to add to the list, the first using hand-stitched leather!


The Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On uses the widely popular Ferrari 458 GTE rim as a base, and makes some changes to it. In place of the Ferrari logo, a new “TM” logo has been placed on the center of the wheel. The button placement is identical, but in place of the Manettino Dial, a rotary knob has been put in place. Instead of rubber, the wheel features a hand-stitched leather wrap around the rim.

While I think it is a good idea for Thrustmaster to release a “premium-level” rim, I am still a bit disappointed that it is just 280mm (11 inches). The T300RS, 458 GTE, and TM Leather 28 GT rims all use the same general layout, with not much diversity. The largest Thrustmaster rim that is available is the T500RS GT Rim, or the Ferrari F1 Addon Rim, which are both 300mm (12 inches). I’d like to see an option for a 320mm wheel, or even a 350mm rim for oval racing.

The Thrustmaster TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On will be available soon, for a retail price of $149.99. Are you looking forward to this new rim? Let us know in the comments!