Thrustmaster Making Direct Drive Wheel

Photo Credit: GTPlanet

One of the most popular brands for sim racing wheels/peripherals is the French-based Thrustmaster company, with their T500RS and T300RS/TX being a go-to for many sim racers. Thrustmaster has also enjoyed a healthy relationship with Polyphony Digital, with the T500RS being the “Official Racing Wheel of Gran Turismo 5”.

Many members of the community have wondered if/when the official wheel of Gran Turismo Sport will be revealed, and it appears that Thrustmaster isn’t pulling any punches. According Kazunori Yamauchi’s latest comments to GTPlanet, this new wheel will be a direct drive unit, making this possibly the first consumer-level direct drive wheel in the market.

Not much is known about the wheel, but it looks like it is going to be a serious piece of hardware. Looking at the back of the wheel, it appears to have all the same connections as the TX and T300RS, including the PS/2 connector that is used with the TH8A Shifter.

Direct Drive TM Wheel Rear
Photo Credit: Inside Sim Racing

No release date is specified yet for the new wheel, but it is likely safe to assume that it will be around Gran Turismo Sport’s release date in November. Hopefully more information is going to be revealed later this month at E3.

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