How to Support Sim Racing Paddock

Sim Racing Paddock has been a labor of love for myself for the past few years, and thankfully I’ve been blessed to have some great teammates on my side helping support me! Here are some ways you can also help support Sim Racing Paddock and help keep us going strong!

Affiliate Links:

Almost all of the links on my website and Youtube channel will refer to an affiliate link, which will help support Sim Racing Paddock. Amazon, Fanatec, and Trak Racer all provide affiliate links that will help support the channel.Fanatec Direct Drive Wheel Confirmed

Fanatec is one of the first ever companies I had the ability to work with on a review. They took a shot on me, and look where it got me! If you use any Fanatec affiliate links on this site, SRP will receive a 5% Commission
Trak Racer is an interesting company. They seem to try a lot of different ideas, and most of them stick. They’re had a lot of interesting designs and cockpits, including new Aluminum Extrusion cockpits. If you use the Trak Racer affiliate link for any products, SRP receives a 5% Commission.


Some of the Sim Racing products I review are sold on big-box websites like Amazon. I am part of the Amazon Affiliate Program, which will help support the channel as well. Commissions vary a bit, but they are generally around the 3-5% mark as well.

I’ve also teamed up with Fanatical as well! They are one of the few “Discount Game/Bundle Sites” that I trust, with Humble Bundle and GreenManGaming are others. Fanatical has been around in some way since the 1990s, where they started off developing and publishing games in the UK. In 2012 the rebranded as Bundle Stars to team up with developers to release bundles and PC games at a discounted price. In 2017 they rebranded again as Fanatical, and still are pumping out solid bundles, but also expanding their game library.

Learn more and find some great deals at this link!

I also just joined up with Monoprice! Monoprice is a company that built its reputation for making great cheap cables for computers and instruments. Now, they make almost everything, from Musical Instruments, to Headphones, to even Home Theater Solutions and 3D PRINTERS?! Yeah… That’s a thing. (Fun Fact: I just bought a guitar and audio mixer off of them to learn how to play!) So check them out, and I’ll receive a small commision.


GT Omega Code Coming Soon (Apparently it was down for over a year and I never realized it?!)

Check out the SRP Merch!

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I have an clothing line! Check out the Sim Racing Paddock T-Shirt, Hoodie, and TWO types of hats! My friends over at Vicci Moto in California have created some awesome apparel, and now you can show off our support for the channel, and look cool while you’re at it!

The shirts are printed in-house in Petaluma, California with a high quality ink, and the hats are also machine embroidered so they will last a long time!

Sim Racing Paddock T-Shirt

Sim Racing Paddock Hoodie

Sim Racing Paddock FlexFit Hat

Sim Racing Paddock Trucker Hat


Are you REALLY enjoying a stream or something I’m doing? You can choose to donate via or via a SuperChat, and make sure to include a goofy message as well! I’d recommend you do it while I’m streaming, because I don’t exactly want to be scared by a notification if I accidentally leave my streaming software open!

Thank you all for your continued support, and I look forward to seeing you on the (virtual) track!