SimXperience is known to providing one of the best turn-key direct drive offerings with their AccuForce wheel. Now, they have announced the Version 2.0 offering of their wheel, improving on the wheel, and also bringing a significant price drop!

The SimXperience AccuForce V2 is largely the same as the the AF V1, but they were able to refine the production process of the wheel, to provide a $450-$700 price drop. The wheel in its “Complete” configuration will sell for $1,299, as opposed to the V1’s $1,749 for the comparable model.

The SimXperience AccuForce V2 will come in three configurations, the “DIY”, “Your Way”, and “Complete” configuration.

The DIY remains largely unchanged, and features just the wheel’s motor and the separate controller box. That will retail for $704

The “Your Way” configuration doesn’t have much information about it, but I’d be willing to assume that the configuration matches with the “Standard” model, which adds the wheel rim, but does not include the slip ring or button box. The “Your Way” configuration will go for $899

The “Complete” configuration showcases the full package, including wheel rim, button box (which includes paddle shifters), and Slip Ring. The Complete Edition will go for $1,299.

You can also purchase the DIY or Your Way model, and upgrade the model as time goes on. The button box and wheel rim will be available for purchase as add-ons.

There is no release date yet for the SimXperience AccuForce V2, but there is an opportunity to get your hands on one! SimXperience is going to allow five lucky racers to be able to beta test the Complete Wheel before the official release!

If you go to the Pre-Release Public Test page on the SimXperience website, you can register for the opportunity to be selected as a tester of the wheel! Note that testers will be required to pay a $699 refundable deposit + shipping and taxes. For more information, read below:

The AccuForce Pro V2 is entering the final Stage of testing, the public pre-release test. Five testers will be chosen to receive an AccuForce Pro V2 Complete. Testers must pay a $699 refundable deposit* + shipping and applicable tax. To apply for the beta, simply complete the application below. If you’re chosen to participate, we’ll notify you by email including the test time frame, how to purchase and other important details.

SimXperience takes testing very seriously. Testing correctly is an involved and time consuming process. We ask that you not apply if you are unable to dedicate a considerable amount of time to the testing and feedback process.

*At any point in the testing process, SimXperience may request the return of the test product and issue a refund.

The SimXperience AccuForce V2 looks to be a great option for people looking to get into a Direct Drive wheel under $1,000! What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments!