SimXperience Accuforce: More Details


One of the most anticipated pieces of hardware in the sim racing community is the AccuForce Wheel by SimXperience. With the expected release date being this month, it’s shocking to think about how little we actually know about this exciting new wheel. Well, Berney Villers has given us our first look at some of the other components to be used on the wheel, namely the button box and the Quick Release mechanism.

The following information is an excerpt from Berney Villers’ blog post, which you can read here:

Button Box Features

-12 long-life buttons

-Raised button modules optimize ergonomics by placing the buttons closer to your fingers than is possible on a traditional flat plate.

-Extremely rigid design (I weigh in over 220lbs and am able to stand on it without causing damage)

-Easily adjusted upper button modules facilitate simple bolt-on of many different steering wheels

-Adjustable machined aluminum shifters with carbon fiber paddles (throw, paddle width and switch engagement point can be adjusted)

-Optional attachment for phone cord style connector (useful if a non-SimXperience quick release is utilized)

-USB port

-Facilitates mounting of optional phone holder or SLI style USB displays.

-DIY and Modder Friendly

Quick Release 

-Precision machined Aluminum

-6 spring-loaded hard gold pins enable transfer of power, USB and the SimXperience communication protocol through the quick release

-Extremely durable


We would love to hear your thoughts on this portion of the AccuForce. We’re especially interested in understanding if you find on-wheel  display of gear and engine RPM to be gimmicky or useful. One school of though says that if you’re looking at you’re wheel while driving, you’re soon to be looking at a wall. That’s frankly the school of though that I subscribe to but we did make provisions for the possibility of a phone mount. As many of you probably know, the Sim Commander software has supported the possibility of fully customized dashboard displays via phone for many years now. Please let us know if a phone holder or other optional display bolt-on would be of interest to you.

I love the idea to incorporate a fully functioning USB port into the button box, which would hopefully keep wired SLI units from getting tangled in the wheel’s shaft. The unit looks like it’s built to last, and just oozes quality. The carbon fiber paddles are pretty awesome too.


Berney also treated us to a look at how the AccuForce will look with the quick release attached. While this rim will be sold with the mid-range option, you can tell you’re not getting a cheapo rim. It looks to be on par with some of the higher quality Grant wheel options. I even like the logo they selected for the center cap, but I personally think it would look better with white instead of grey (but hey, that’s just me. What do you think?)

Another landmark announcement was released last week, giving us the pricing details of the three wheel options:

AccuForce Pro MOMO Edition – $1949
AccuForce Pro – $1749
AccuForce DIY – $1449

SimXperience will also be giving loyalty discounts to all SimVibe, GS-4, and Stage Series Motion Simulator owners. If you own a SimXperience product, you will be given a $90 discount.

The SimXperience Accuforce Wheel is expected for release later this month, before the year’s end. Are you excited to give it a spin? Let us know in the comments!