Sparco Release First Sim Racing Products

Sparco Evolve Chassis

A few months ago, Sparco announced that they would be entering the Sim Racing market, and now they have released their first products! The Evolve Chassis has been released alongside their “Hypergrip” gloves and Gaming Chairs.

Sparco had announced the Evolve Cockpit in their original press release, and now we have in-depth information on it. Their first Sim Racing chassis will feature a carbon fiber racing seat attached to a tube frame chassis. The chassis features a lot of customizability to fit different types of drivers as well. It looks like there is not much in the way of external mounting of hardware such as shifters or button boxes though, so that may be a concern to some. The Sparco Evolve Chassis will retail for €1,139.34, or around $1,220 USD.

In addition, Sparco has announced their Hypergrip series of gloves. These are oriented towards Sim Racing and gaming applications, and are made out of a breathable microfiber and rubber combination. The gloves will work on touch screens, and will also be able to “fold back” for maximum dexterity with controllers. The gloves will retail for €41 or $44 USD.

Lastly, Sparco has released three lines of gaming chairs. They come in “Grip”, “Respawn”, and “Comp” models, and will range in price from €220 to €655 ($235 to $702 USD). A Limited Edition model commemorating DiRT Rally is also available for €270 ($290 USD).

All of these are now available on Sparco’s website. What are your thoughts on the new products? Let us know in the comments below!