GamerMuscle Reviews Next Level Racing Wheel Stand


My friend James from GamerMuscle has put out a new review on his channel, taking a look at the Next Level Racing Wheel Stand! Next Level Racing sent GamerMuscle the wheel stand to review, and James put the stand through its paces!

For testing of the setup, the Thrustmaster T300RS was used,  with the stock Thrustmaster 2-pedal set. Judging by the review, James’ thoughts are mostly positive, and the wheel stand looks to be a solid option for the space-conscious. It sounds like there is some flex in the wheel and pedals, but that’s to be expected of wheel stands.

The Next Level Racing Wheel Stand also can be utilized as a flight simulator setup, and also can be converted into a full simulation cockpit. One benefit of the NLR Wheel Stand is that it can fold up so, in GamerMuscle’s words, “You can hide the fact that you have a ludicrous hobby!” The wheel stand starts at $249 USD, and can be bought from a variety of different locations.

James’ video is definitely a great review, and I recommend giving the 11 minute video a watch! What are your thoughts on GamerMuscle’s latest review? Let us know, or better yet, let him know!