The Simpit Reviews R-Seat N1 Chassis


One of the major names in the industry is Shaun Cole. The former head of Inside Sim Racing, founder of The SimPit, and a good friend of mine has made a return after a year hiatus, and he decided to return with a bang! Shaun has re-entered the Sim Racing world swinging, with his review of the R-Seat N1 Chassis.

Clocking in at slightly over a half hour, Shaun’s review is definitely not for the faint of heart, but is definitely very thorough. R-Seat is one of the major names in the industry, with a penchant for high-end hardware. This rig definitely encapsulates a high-end price, though, clocking in at $1,249, and that’s before you factor in external accessories!

In addition to the review, Shaun also mentions a special R-Seat promotion currently in effect. If you make the decision to buy ANY Chassis and Monitor Stand combination (it does not have to be the N1 Chassis), you can get any free upgrade to your setup! Be forewarned, that this offer doesn’t use a conventional code. In the purchase notes, type in “SIMPIT DEAL”, and then the accessory you would like added to your purchase, and R-Seat will include that in the purchase.

Shaun has also included a video to showcase the build process of the chassis. While the main video is exceptionally long, clocking in at 2 hours, the condensed version is a quite fun watch.

I have had limited experience with an R-Seat chassis, but from what I have driven, it definitely is a solid setup to drive! While it may be expensive, it can be a case of “You get what you pay for”.

What are your thoughts on Shaun’s review of the R-Seat N1? Let us know in the comments!