SHH Shifter Preview


We have seen 3D printing take the world by storm in recent years, pushing the limits of what can be made. My friend, Pablo López, showed me a link to the SHH Shifter, which is a 3D-printed shifter retailing for under $75! This is an ambitious concept, and to get a preview of it in action, we now have a video preview.

For $75, you’d be getting a dual H/Sequential shifter, for just about half the price of Thrustmaster’s TH8RS or TH8A shifters. One major question is “would it be similar quality to the more expensive offerings?” Abdul Al-Amry decided to check for himself, and his initial thoughts are positive.

I wanted to share some thoughts I have on the SHH Shifter, that could be taken into consideration if you’re looking for a shifter solution:

  • The SHH Shifter looks to be of a durable construction. I have a couple T500RS wheel adapters from Derek Speare, who likes to use 3D printing as well, and those things are beefy. I think this would definitely stand up to the repeated abuse of extended driving.
  • The shifter gates are significantly smaller than the TH8RS, which I feel is a good thing. I feel the shifter through is too far on the TH8RS, and the SHH Shifter could be a better “middle ground” between Logitech G25/G27’s shifter and the Thrustmaster ones.
  • There seems to be a way to replace shifter gates. One thing, however, that is good about the Thrustmaster shifters is the fact you are able to make alternate gates. If you want just a 4+R pattern, you can find someone to make one for you. If you look at the SHH Shifter Facebook page, the gate looks to be made from a different piece than the external shifter assembly. Could that mean we could see other gates in the future?
  • It has a flip of the switch system to alternate between H and Sequential shifting. The Thrustmaster shifters use a 4-hex screw system to swap out between sequential and H shifting. It can be tedious, and the screws can strip if you’re not careful. I like the option to switch between H and Sequential. The question is, does it make either form of shifting weaker? I don’t know.

All in all, it looks like the SHH Shifter could be a great budget option to look into if you want to take a step above the DFGT or G25/27 options. It could even be a possible competitor to the Thrustmaster TH8RS/TH8A shifters! I may try to get my hands on one of these shifters, since I use a TH8RS, so I can give a comparison for you guys.

What are your thoughts on the SHH Shifter? Let us know in the comments!