RSeat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition Announced


Kunos Simulazioni and RSeat have teamed up, to announce a new “Assetto Corsa” branded RS1 sim racing cockpit. The RSeat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition features the official colors and logo of Assetto Corsa. As an added touch, the rig also comes with a full version of Assetto Corsa.

I have driven in a couple RS1 chassis, and I will say they are remarkably comfortable. The seat feels like a quality bucket seat, and I bet you could find yourself falling asleep in it if you’re not careful! It can be very adjustable too, accommodating people 4’11” up to 6’7″. For more about the RSeat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition, check out the  info below:

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Rseat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition unveiled!

KUNOS Simulazioni is pleased to announce a new partnership with RSeat LTD and France Simulateur SARL, the Official European Distributor, that combines more than 5 years of experience with gaming seats and gaming devices. The result of this partnership is the RSeat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition, a racing seat that features the official colours and logos of the acclaimed PC racing game Assetto Corsa, and that includes the full version of the game, offered in bundle this racing seat.

RS1 is the KUNOS choice, thanks to its ergonomics, reliability and compatibility with the most popular gaming devices, including Logitech, Fanatec and Thrustmaster racing wheels and pedals. Customers will be able to upgrade and build their RS1 simulator Assetto Corsa Special Edition all the way down from Basic rig up to Full motion.

The Bundle RSeat RS1 Assetto Corsa Special Edition + Assetto Corsa PC racing game is available at the suggested reatail price of 729 € ex-VAT and includes:

Shifter mounting plate for Fanatec clubsport shifter
Thrustmaster TH8RS / TH8A and Logitech G25/ G27
Keyboard and Mouse tray with red mouse support and red plastic inserts
Black synthetic leather with embroidered ASSETTO CORSA logo
Seat support with ASSETTO CORSA stickers on each side
Bucket seat with fiberglass painted in gloss red
Wheel plate support red
Shifter support red
Pedals plate red
Assetto Corsa racing game* (*Steam version, a Steam account is required)


As mentioned in the info above, the cockpit will be 729€, and it is will be available for $999 in the United States. What are your thoughts on this special edition cockpit? Let us know in the comments!