DSD 2015 D Pro Sequential Shifter Video


Derek Speare Designs has developed a reputation of building some of the best shifters in the sim racing world. Last year, DSD announced the 2014 Pro Sequential Shifter, which was built out of CNC aluminum, and was MASSIVE (19 inches tall, and weighed seven pounds!). Now, Derek Speare has shown off the 2015 D Pro Sequential Shifter, which is a little smaller (both in size, weight, and hopefully price).

Originally teased as the “Funstick Junior” the DSD 2015 D Pro Sequential Shifter is made by SLS 3D Printing, and features a full plastic construction. I use Derek Speare’s T500RS wheel adapter, which is also 3D printed, and it is VERY sturdy. I am confident that, despite being made of plastic, this shifter will stand the test of time, and repeated use.

Judging from the preview video, it looks like this new DSD shifter features some of the same traits that make Derek’s other shifters so popular. It has a relatively short throw, and isn’t too loud. Sim racers want a short throw for their shifters, but at the same time, they want the good feeling of resistance. This new shifter looks to feature that.

It also looks to occupy a small footprint and features a simple mounting solution. It utilizes a 4-screw mounting pattern, that uses M5/SAE 10 screws. I think that should be more than enough for a solid mount, but you may need to get creative if you’re using a specialized rig.

Pre-Orders for the DSD 2015 D Pro Sequential Shifter are expected to open the end of this month. Price has not been revealed, but I’m expecting it to be between DSD’s old shifter and the 2014 Pro (somewhere between $159.75 and $678.75). Are you interested in getting this new shifter once it’s available? Let us know!