RaceRoom Racing Experience teases Revamped Online Model

Formula RaceRoom US

RaceRoom Racing Experience is one of the dark horse racing titles in the Sim Racing world. However, some members of the community have disregarded it for having a pricing model similar to iRacing, but not featuring as much of an online experience. Now, that is poised to change, according to Sector 3 Studios, as they release their plans for 2017, including a revamped online model.

One of the plans for RaceRoom is to implement Player Rankings, a driver license based system and scheduled races, which sound quite similar to iRacing. Online championships will also be structured, but concrete details aren’t stated how they will implement the championships. What is logical would be a system similar to iRacing, where you can run official races at scheduled intervals. What would also be interesting, yet slightly controversial, approach would be a 1-race-a-week system. Time will tell.

In addition to the revamped online model, R3E is planning some more updates:

  • Virtual Reality Support
  • Flag System
  • Different Tire Compounds
  • Manual Pit Stops
  • New Data Displays
  • AI Enhancements
  • Constantly Evolving Physics Engine

Sector 3 Studios has also teased some cars that will be coming in this upcoming year, including a Formula One-style car, and an IndyCar-style car as well. It will be truly exciting to see what will come in R3E in the near future!

What are your thoughts on Sector 3’s plans for the Revamped Online Model? Let us know!