RaceRoom Going to Unreal Engine 4

RaceRoom Unreal Engine Preview

With the news that GTR 3 is going to be utilizing Unreal Engine 4 for its graphics, many assumed that RaceRoom Racing Experience will also be receiving a similar treatment, due to the relationship between Sector3 Studios and SimBin. Now, we have a solid confirmation from Chris Speed, Sector 3 CEO, via RaceDepartment:

“We know with R3E the game engine is old in comparison to the competition, there is no doubt we are missing certain elements and eye candy the others have. We took the decision that Unreal is the way to go”

-Chris Speed

This is not the first time we’ve heard about Unreal Engine and R3E in the same sentence. Earlier on, we saw screenshots showcasing GT3 race cars racing around Spa, utilizing the game engine.

RaceRoom Racing Experience runs off of the ISIMotor 2/GMotor 2 engine, which was originally used in 2005’s rFactor 2. It also powers titles such as GT Legends, Automobilista and Race 07/GTR Evolution.

It is worth mentioning that the migration to the new game engine is not a pressing priority for Sector 3, as they have stated that they are working on bringing more features to RaceRoom Racing Experience first and foremost.

“No doubt there are still some key elements missing in RaceRoom… Flag system, tyre compounds on certain cars is being worked on. Multiclass racing we have a design on paper and will at some point work towards that but first and foremost we have to get the structured MP racing features done”

Sector 3 Studios is also lending resources to help with the development of GTR 3. With some of the staff being part of the original SimBin, this is a franchise that is close to home for them. I am hoping that they are focusing on getting it done right, and time will tell.

However, Sector 3’s primary focus will remain on RaceRoom Racing Experience. They are looking at bringing more features, as mentioned above, and also the evolved Multiplayer system should be a significant step forward.

Needless to say, this is an exciting time to be a sim racer, with all of these new titles coming! What are your thoughts on the latest developments? Let us know in the comments!