RaceRoom: FRX-17 Sound Preview


One of the exciting new cars to be coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience is the FRX-17, which takes the 2017-spec Formula One car, and slaps a V10 into the engine bay! The result? An incredible sounding modern open wheel racer, which comes to the sim tomorrow!

As mentioned before, the car is created to 2017 Formula One rules and regulations, except for that puny 1.6L V6 engine + 8-speed gearbox being scrapped in favor of a 3.0L V10 power plant, with a 7-speed transmission. The engine puts out 950 horsepower, which is a remarkable feat, considering this is a naturally aspirated motor! With a weight of 950 kg, and a theoretical maximum downforce of 2800kg @ 322 km/h (200.08 mph), that makes for some insane cornering speeds as well. For the full specs of the car, read below:

  • 3.0 liter V10
  • 950hp @ 19000 rpm
  • 370Nm @ 17000 rpm
  • 7 speed paddle shift
  • 620 kg including driver
  • 44/56% Weight distribution, including driver, excluding fuel
  • 150 liter fuel tank
  • Maximum theoretical downforce is aprox 2800 kg @ 322 km/h.
  • Traction Control available
  • DRS System

If you want more footage of the car before its release tomorrow, my buddy Jimmy Broadbent released a preview video showcasing the car last month, and it’s a fun watch! (You can view it below)

I’ll be taking a look at the car shortly as well, so stay tuned to the Sim Racing Paddock Youtube Channel for that likely in the next day or so!

What are your thoughts on the FRX-17 for RaceRoom Racing Experience? Let us know!