RaceRoom – BMW M6 GT3 Now Available


Sector3 Studios has released the new BMW M6 GT3 race car for RaceRoom Racing Experience!

The car was originally announced for the sim back in April of last year, and marks another addition to RaceRoom’s flourishing GTR3 class. The car is powered by a 4.4L Twin-Turbo V8 engine, which generates up to 585 horsepower, depending on configuration. Sadly, the car doesn’t have the same howling sound as its predecessor, the BMW Z4 GT3. However, the performance speaks for itself, with a win in the 24 Hours of Spa last year.

In addition to the BMW M6 GT3, we have seen a lot of new content coming to RaceRoom Racing Experience. In addition to the Formula RaceRoom US we covered earlier this month, we received two tracks, in the form of Silverstone and Karlskoga Motorstadion. In addition, Anderstorp Raceway has been announced, and will likely see release soon.

Karlskoga Motorstadion

It seems like RaceRoom Racing Experience is one of the most lively sims, featuring a large influx of new content. One question remains to be seen – will some of this new content carry over to Simbin’s GTR 3 once it is released? Time will tell.

Have you tested out the new BMW M6 GT3? What are your thoughts? Let us know!