While RaceRoom Racing Experience is quite a fleshed out racing simulation, one thing has been sorely lacking from the content side: open wheel race cars. All of Sector3’s content for the sim has been under the GT, Touring, or Prototype classes. Now, we have images of one of the first open wheel cars to be coming to R3E!

This news comes via Sector3 Studios latest dev stream, and it looks quite impressive. Note that this is not an officially licensed model, but a generic open wheel car with a GP2-style design. Now, this is not unusual for Sector3, as they have a few original designs for their cars, but those can be quite impressive though!

Sector3 Studios has tended to have a bit of a weird past in regards to the open wheel discipline. In their debut series as SimBin, GTR, they were exclusive to the FIA GT series. However, in RACE 07 and subsequent expansions, they started including open wheel cars. They were also able to implement helmet tear-offs, which I would love to see make a return in R3E. Will that happen? Time will tell.

The Sector3 Studios dev stream also has dropped more bombshells on us. It also included the preview of the Nurburgring Nordschleife, which we showed you on Friday. Also, there were previews for the Audi R18 and Spa-Francorchamps, two of the next additions for the sim. Those looking for a more authentic racing experience will be in luck as well! The upcoming update will also bring the ability to jump the start and be disqualified (provided you are running in Get Real mode with flags enabled). For more news, check out the dev stream below!

Are you looking forward to open wheel racing in R3E? Let us know in the comments!