Formula RaceRoom 3 Coming to R3E


While RaceRoom Racing Experience started off as a closed-wheel only racing simulator, that has quickly changed. The Formula RaceRoom 1, Formula RaceRoom 2, Formula RaceRoom Jr, and Formula 4, Sector 3 Studios has released their latest open wheeler, the Formula RaceRoom 3.

Formula RaceRoom 3Based off of the Dallara Formula 3 chassis, the Formula RaceRoom 3 is a solid mid-level open wheeler, based off of the feeder series that is responsible for grooming many racers’ careers. Powered by a 2.0L I4 engine, generating 240 horsepower, the FR3 should be a fun car for many open wheel fans.

The Formula 3 series has been a fairly popular, yet under-represented series in the sim racing world. rFactor had many third-party Formula 3 mods for the sim, as well as mods seen in Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2. Off the top of my head, Automobilista may be the only current sim to feature Formula 3 out of the box, albeit in an unofficial state. Now, we’ll have the Formula RaceRoom 3 joining the ranks, and it will be interesting to see how that compares.

This new release pretty much establishes a solid racing ladder for the open wheel side of RaceRoom Racing Experience, so that is a nice thing to see come to the simulator. A year and a half ago, we had our first tease of an open wheel car coming to R3E, now look how far it has come! I’m excited to see what is to come to the future of Sector 3’s sim, and to see who will enjoy the FR3 series online.

Below, you can check out some screenshots of the cars. However, if you want to see the images in full 4K resolution, you can check them out on the official RaceRoom Flickr page!

Have you given the new open wheeler a spin yet? Let us know how you like it!