rFactor Pro Shows off LIDAR Scanned Hungaroring

Hungaroring rFactor Pro

While rFactor Pro is definitely not a household name, it is quite an impressive bit of software! Originally branched off the original rFactor, rFPro is utilized for many professional applications, ranging from race car training to traffic surveys. Most notably, the professional simulation also helped lay down foundations for rFactor 2. We can also see very impressive cars/tracks sometimes being created by the rFactor Pro team, like what we have now with Hungaroring! The team has shown off a couple shots of their Hungaroring track model, created with LIDAR data.

rFactor Pro Hungaroring LIDARFor those of you who don’t know, LIDAR is a method of scanning objects (including race tracks), similar to laser-scanning. However, unlike the conventional laser scanning that has ben done by teams like iRacing and Kunos Simulazioni, LIDAR can be done from a distance, even by an airplane! In turn, the scans aren’t as accurate as laser scanning, but the LIDAR version of Hungaroring is accurate down to the centimeter, which is truly impressive.

Unfortunately, there is a very real possibility we may never see this version of the track in rFactor 2 or another commercial racing simulation, with rFactor Pro catering more towards the professional side of the spectrum. But with the technical partnerships and relationships between rF2 and rFPro, who knows? Anything could happen. Regardless, it’s nice to see what the sim’s engine is capable of!