rFactor Now Available on Steam


While rFactor 2 is the latest and greatest sim from Image Space Incorporated, their preceding title, rFactor, is still solid in its own right. With a wide modding database consisting of thousands of cars and tracks, it is a great title. One of the pitfalls, however, was that it used a rather archaic DRM system, that could be tedious re-installing on a new system. ISI decided to fix that, by making rFactor available on the Steam digital distribution platform!

rFactor is now available on Steam for 15% off, with a price of $21.21. That is a killer deal for the sim, which has a virtually limitless amount of content available. If you already own rFactor, you can go to this page and exchange your product key for a Steam key.

Out of the box, the sim features 12 cars and 14 circuits. However, you can find thousands of add-on downloads from community sites (I recommend rFactorCentral, RaceDepartment, or DrivingItalia [if you translate the site from Italian] to download content).

If you missed out on this landmark of sim racing history, I highly recommend that you check out rFactor! I am planning on doing an “intro video” for newcomers to rFactor, because there can be a learning curve at times, when it comes to mods and content. Are there any special tips you guys would like me to include in the video?

For those of you who are wanting rFactor 2 to be released on Steam, there is hope! ISI is looking over the possibility of putting rF2 on Steam Greenlight, and they’re hoping to come to a decision in the near future. However, as of right now, they are working on some core engine updates, and I have to say, the results are quite impressive.

Now excuse me, while I go get my Steam key to redeem. Are you going to get rFactor for Steam?