rFactor 2 Karts 1.14 Released


A year ago, Image Space Incorporated released the Kart Cup series for rFactor 2, bringing go-karts to the sim. While they were fun to drive, ISI admitted that the physics weren’t quite up to snuff, and that they would improve when the ISIMotor2.5 physics engine received some updates, particularly to the tire contact patch simulation. That time is now, and they have released version 1.14, and renamed the series to simply “Karts”.

The karts have received a significant overhaul, and are one of the first vehicles to feature the new tire contact patch model. In addition, the karts have received under-the-hood bodywork updates to improve the handling characteristics. One noticeable flaw which has been resolved is how the kart would “hop” around under some extreme situations, which is a major improvement. For more info on the Karts v1.14 update, check out the build notes below.

The karts are arguably one of the underused series in rFactor 2, but it is an especially fun one! You definitely should give it a try at least once. Who knows? You may learn something new by driving them!


What are your thoughts on rFactor 2’s karts? Let us know!

[accordion_item title=”rFactor 2 Karts v1.14 Build Notes”](Requires up-to-date build of rFactor 2).
Physics (both Karts)
– New tires which have enabled the contact patch model for the first time.
– Added new wet weather variables for tires.
– Numerous AI correlation tweaks. AI warm tires quicker, wear slower and more evenly (F/R).
– Reduced inertia for wheels and engine. The wheels were set conservatively due to instability, an issue which new, more accurate tires have are the result.
– Reduced axle and gearbox friction to what should be a more accurate level.
– Softened undertray collision points which makes the kart more realistic and controllable over tall curbs.
– Fixed geometry bug that went unnoticed that was caused by a build bug fix (which was improperly defined in the previous kart release, and has been corrected for Builds 860 and newer).
– Tweak to reduce some ‘hopping’ experienced in certain extreme situations.
Physics Junior Kart specific
– Engine engine has more low end torque. Combined with other changes, it now accelerates a lot better from standstill.
Physics KartF1 specific
– Increased grip to correspond better with the class of tyre this is simulating.
– Changed category name in-sim from ‘Kart Cup’ to ‘Karts’.
– Camera offset to match steering wheel.
– Updated shaders
– Updated textures
– Minor 3D fixes

The contact patch model is still not fully complete, but at a sufficient point now. It is still lacking some lateral and longitudinal variability due to temperature / pressure and the lat/long deflections are still slightly over sensitive under extreme conditions when patch is extremely small. The vertical deflections are considered accurate. We will release more details soon.
There are also some setup adjustments not yet available in the UI. An update will follow.[/accordion_item]