rFactor 2 – June 2017 Roadmap Update

rFactor 2 June Roadmap

Studio 397 has continued on their monthly trend of releasing “Progress Reports” to inform us on how development on rFactor 2 is coming along. The June 2017 Roadmap Update has been released, showcasing some relatively minor announcements, but a couple exciting ones!

One of the “more minor” announcements is regarding the DX11 conversion of content. The majority of existing First Party content has been converted, but there are still a little more to be finished. Two more pieces of converted content are slated for release, Sao Paolo (Interlagos) and the Formula 2 cars. With the conversion, the track has seen some improvements, including texture upgrades, to make it look better. The Formula 2 has seen a more thorough overhaul, with improvements on the physics, tire model, and textures.

Speaking of content, it sounds like the Radical SR3 and Zandvoort are getting closer to release! Both are still slated for a June release and, barring any delays, should be a great way to beat the summer heat by the end of this month!

A competition is also underway, to try to get some more paint schemes for the Radical:

It’s paint time! That’s right, get your team’s or personal livery in the official release of the Radical SR3. We will add the top 20 designs into the game as part of the release of the Radical SR3. We have created a special “paint version” of the car, which is available in the workshop. If you subscribe to it, it will automatically be downloaded and installed.

Included with the car is a template, which can be found in the “Templates” folder of your rFactor 2 install. You can use any paint program that can load PSD (Photoshop) files. We advise you to first make a copy of the file before you start painting. When you have created your paint, save it as a DDS file. The folder you should use for that can be seen in the showroom if you’ve loaded the car there. You might need to hit “CREATE DIR” to create the folder the first time, and if you’ve updated the paint while the game was still loaded, hit “RELOAD” to refresh the folder. If you have any questions about this, feel free to ask in our forum or on Discord!

For the record, you cannot yet drive the car, you can only look at it in the showroom (click on “TUNING” on the car screen). Talking about which, we spared no expense and built you a brand new showroom. We hope you like it!


  • No alcohol, tobacco or illegal products
  • Any paint job you make is yours and not taken from someone else
  • You will need to transfer rights to us for the paint to use in the game
  • You guarantee it does not infringe on any copyrights of third parties, so no logos that you do not have permission to use

How to enter

Please read the guidelines above, then email us on radicalpaints@studio-397.com with 3 images from the showroom, a download link to your PSD and the driver and team name you want to use for your car. The deadline for submission is midnight GMT 27th June 2017!

Also, Studio 397 has addressed how rFactor 2 will be used in the McLaren “World’s Fastest Gamer” competition! As mentioned last month, rFactor 2 is slated to kick off the competition put on by McLaren, Logitech, and Sparco. The new competition is going to start on August 13th, and is going to run four races over 4 weeks:

  • August 13th – Silverstone GP
  • August 20th – Zandvoort
  • August 27th – Silverstone International
  • September 3rd – Silverstone National

The race events will be run on a yet-to-be-announced McLaren GT race car. The races will also take place at 8 PM CET (12 PM PST). Registration for the event will open August 1st on the official Studio 397 website.

For more information, check out the Studio 397 progress update, where they also discuss progress being made on the DX11 Beta.