rFactor 2 – July 2017 Road Map


Studio 397 has put out their latest edition of their rFactor 2 Road Map update, showing off what they are working on for the month of July.

One of the main developments is the preparation ahead of McLaren’s World’s Fastest Gamer competition, which is slated for next month. It was fairly obvious that we would be getting a McLaren car for rFactor 2 before the competition began, and now we officially know what car we’re getting, the McLaren 650S GT3! The car will be available at the “start of August” as a paid DLC content, and will also be part of a larger pack. It’s not mentioned if the content can be bought either a la carte, or just in a pack, but either way, I’d say it should be reasonably priced.

In addition, we have more previews of Zandvoort, which will be the track used in the second round of the McLaren World’s Fastest Gamer competition. Unlike the McLaren, Zandvoort will be released as FREE DLC! We had seen previews of the track earlier on, but this is the best look we’ve had so far! The track will release (obviously) before the race on August 20th, so stay tuned for that.

For more information about what’s in development for rFactor 2, including the new UI, ranking-based Online system, and more, I recommend you read the full info below.