rFactor 2 – First McLaren 650S GT3 Screenshots


Earlier this week, we reported on the latest Road Map for rFactor 2, and how the next car coming to the sim is the McLaren 650S GT3. Now, we have our first screenshots of the car, running on the  Silverstone and Zandvoort circuits.

The car was developed in collaboration with McLaren, in part to kick off the opening qualifier for the World’s Fastest Gamer competition, where racers will compete for a job as the simulator driver for the McLaren Formula One team. The competition will last for four weeks, and will run at Silverstone and the upcoming Zandvoort circuit. 3 out of the four weeks will be at variants of Silverstone, and one of the weeks will be at the Zandvoort course.

It is also mentioned that the McLaren will be part of the first ever paid DLC package for rFactor 2. The pack will feature the McLaren 650S GT3, and a few other yet to be named cars. It is also not mentioned if the rest of the pack will also feature McLaren, or other automakers. If there’s another McLaren, may I suggest a modern F1 car? That 2012 Marussia is starting to look a bit long in the tooth ;). I’m also not sure if the McLaren will be a car also sold a la carte, but judging from what I’ve heard in terms of previews, it may be safe to assume there will be a stand-alone purchase option.

I gotta say though, that McLaren looks good! What do you think?