rFactor 2 DX11 and VR Confirmed

Image Space Incorporated partners with Luminis to start Studio 397


A new chapter for rFactor 2 has been unfolded! At the Sim Racing Expo at the Nurburgring Nordschleife, Image Space Incorporated has announced a new partnership with Luminis Technologies to boost the development of rFactor 2. The first two features planned on the pipeline? DirectX 11 and Virtual Reality support!

ISI’s partnership with the Dutch Software company will bring a financial boost to the development of rFactor 2, which will resume under a new studio. Studio 397 will now be the principal developer of rFactor 2, located in Apeldoom in the Netherlands. According to my sources, all of rFactor 2’s content developers have moved over to Studio 397, as well as some of the coders.

Marcel Offermans will be heading up Studio 397, and he brings a passion for sim racing with him:

“I am really excited by the opportunities that our partnership with ISI offers; rFactor 2 represents the best of breed simulator platform in the industry. Online simracing has been my longtime personal passion, so the opportunity to combine it with my business feels like a great privilege. By infusing the platform with some of our own technology we see great opportunities to accelerate development in general and specifically in the areas of competitions and training.”

rFactor 2 Virtual Reality Preview

DirectX 11 and Virtual Reality support has now been made a primary goal for the development of the sim, and the first preview has been teased. While the HTC Vive headset is the model featured on the desk, development for the Oculus Rift is also all but confirmed (look at the camera on the left half of the photo).

In addition, this new direction for rFactor 2 should make car and track releases more frequent. In the near future, Studio 397 will release a road map for rF2 development, including what we can expect in terms of cars, tracks, and features. For now, we’ve been given a new logo for rF2.

rf2_logo_singleWhile some things are still unknown, this is definitely an exciting development for rFactor 2! What are your thoughts on this new development? Let us know in the comments!