The AC Cars AC 427 was one of the eagerly anticipated cars for rFactor 2 for the past couple years, and it is finally available! Can you tame the big 427 big block in the tiny chassis? Here’s our review of the car, and putting it on our Sim Car Rankings board.


The exterior for the car is very well done, and combined with the new rFactor 2 tone mapper, looks authentic. The chrome parts on the car still seem to fall flat at times, but it can look good in the right light. The car also has had some decent modelling in the interior components. In one wreck, I knocked out the suspension, and took a look at it. It was effectively modeled, but was not at the level of some other titles.

The interiors of the car have seen the same treatment as the exterior, and are very impressive. Seeing the light fall on different parts of the dash while driving gives this sense of atmosphere to it, and the texture on the dashboard is realistic as well. Note that reflections on some parts in the interior are wacky, which can detract from the experience.

Interior Score: 12.5/15
Exterior Score: 13.5/15


This is the first car to feature the new tire Contact Patch Model, and it shows in how it drives. Put a Big Block V8 in a 2,200 pound car, and it’s bound to be pretty skittish. I was happy to find that the car drove far differently, compared to the Shelby Cobra in Assetto Corsa (which I felt was too stable, and handled like a brick).

Despite the Cobra being very tail happy, I was surprised at how easy it was to catch some slides. With the upgrades to the tires, saving the slides came naturally. You could gain a feel for how far you needed to counter steer, and recover the car with *RELATIVE* ease. By relative, I mean it still isn’t easy. Odds are, you’ll likely wreck… a LOT. I will say this is one of the most challenging cars to drive in rFactor 2.

Physics Score: 22.75/25


Sounds have been hit and miss for ISI-made cars. Some of them can sound quite solid, while others can fall flat. This car leans more towards the “solid” side, with the growling V8. The idle sound in this car sounds fantastic, and the engine has a solid V8 grunt to it. Analyzing it closer, it seems like it is a mix of the Howston G4/G6 and the Panoz AIV Roadster, which isn’t a bad thing. However, the car is still missing some extra grunt, that is in the real car.

Sounds Score: 12.5/15


Damage for the AC 427 surprised me with how sensitive it was. Assuming ISI’s track record for some of the recently released vehicles, and the admittedly weak damage engine, I expected something along the lines of a “tank”. However, that was not the case. In my experiences with the car, even a milder impact could result in significant suspension damage, and lead to poor handling.

Another interesting touch is that this car does not have a rev-limiter for the engine. While the red line is at 7,000 RPM, you can rev above that, but you will risk damaging your engine. That gives an added touch of realism, and it’s a welcome addition.

Damage Score: 8.5/10

Default Setup

The default setup for the car is an aggressive, but drivable one. As the car info page says, wheelspin is an on-demand service. If you can tame your right foot, you can tame this car. The Competition package features adjustable springs and dampers to tailor to your driving style, but I enjoyed driving the car as-is. The setup may be too tough for a beginner though, so I knocked off a point.

Default Setup Score: 8.5/10

Paint Schemes

The paint schemes are very basic for the car, offering a handful of stock colors. There isn’t really much to the schemes, and I would have liked to see a few competition schemes. Hopefully the community will be able to pump some out soon, with the templates now released for the car

Paint Schemes Score: 3.5/5

Grand Total: 81.75/100

This car is one of the most enjoyable challenges to drive in rFactor 2! This does a great job of showing off the new tire contact patch model, and gives a solid example of mechanical grip simulation. This car truly does feel like a beast that needs to be tamed, and that’s what makes it so much fun!

I highly recommend this car to anyone looking for a challenge in rFactor 2. Have you given the car a spin yet? What are your thoughts? Let us know!