rF2 – NOLA Motorsports Park Announced


A little over six months ago, Image Space Incorporated laid down a road map for what we can expect coming to rFactor 2 in the near future. One of the things that was teased was “two road courses used by IndyCar in recent years”, and now we may have one of them! ISI has announced NOLA Motorsports Park, which just hosted its first ever IndyCar race yesterday!

NOLA Motorsports Park is one of the more recent tracks made in the USA, with the North Circuit and karting course opening in 2011. The track was designed by Alan Wilson, who also was the mastermind behind Miller Motorsports Park and Barber Motorsports Park. The North circuit is 2.75 miles and 16 turns, and hosted the Indy Grand Prix of Louisiana. Soon, the South Circuit will be combined to the North Circuit, making a 5.37 mile circuit, the longest in the USA. NOLA Motorsports Park also features a karting course (with 3 configurations), and a 7.4 acre autocross pad.

Tim Wheatley told me that the deal for NOLA Motorsports Park was signed a week before IndyCar announced the race event, so this has been in progress for a while. I’m going to assume this track will come sometime after Atlanta Motorsports Park, which will be another great track to race on.

To supplement this, an upgrade to the Dallara DW12 is planned. While the original DW12 release for rFactor 2 was in May, some of the data was admittedly off, and ISI received more data for the latest generation of IndyCar. Whether this could see a model upgrade remains to be seen, but this is exciting news.

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