rF2 – Atlanta Motorsports Park Preview


Atlanta Motorsports Park is set to be the next circuit coming to rFactor 2, and we’ve been seeing more previews of the circuit. Tim Wheatley decided to give us a video preview of the full circuit, taking the Chevrolet Camaro GT3 race car around the track.

Atlanta Motorsports Park is a rather unique circuit, being located on a country club. People looking to drive on the track can purchase a membership to the club. However, the membership starts at $10,000 for the road course, so it’s quite pricey. Now, you’ll have the opportunity to drive AMP in rFactor 2, as a free add-on for rFactor 2!

In addition to the road course, Atlanta Motorsports Park has a karting facility, which will also be recreated in rFactor 2. This will be the third karting circuit to come to rFactor 2, following Quebec Superkarts and Mountain Peak. With the recent update for the go-karts, it makes for a great combination of content to recreate the common starting point of a racing career.

No release date has been stated for Atlanta Motorsport’s Park for rFactor 2, besides the all too well-known “Soon”. I am quite looking forward to the release of Atlanta Motorsports Park, are you? Let us know in the comments!