rFactor 2 to Feature OFFICIAL Formula E Content

Formula E

We have some exciting breaking news regarding Formula E, just in time for the final race of the season! rFactor 2 will be receiving officially licensed Formula E content, including the full list of cars and tracks! An interesting job opening has emerged through Formula E channels, and it appears that rFactor 2 will likely feature the full roster of Formula E cars, and the full track list as well.

The Job Listing is for the Gaming Product Manager position for the Formula E Championship, and this segment of the job description is pretty apparent:

Sim Racing
-Develop rFactor 2 with Studio 397
–Ensure delivery of Studio 397 timeline to release of title
–Liaise with internal departments to make sure all liveries, tracks and data is passed on to Studio 397
–Work with Studio 397 to manage the launch and community on Steam
-Issue a RFP for broadcast/esports competition for providers
–Confirm dates for the proposed 4 Season 4 online races
–Work with esports TO/broadcaster for talent, rules and stewarding
-Team integration
–Build plan for teams to take game software
–Help teams develop software integration strategy, with local activations

This looks to indicate that an OFFICIAL Formula E car is in development for the simulator, and plans are in place to “make sure all liveries, tracks and data is passed to Studio 397”. This is big news for S397, and should mean that we may get some official Formula E Content soon! I don’t know if they’re planning to stagger out content, but if they do stagger releases, I wonder if we could see content in time for the 2017-2018 season!

Now I know that a lot of people may be concerned about the content, especially after seeing the lackluster Visa Vegas E-Race. However, it is worth mentioning that the content used in that race was THIRD PARTY content. An independent modding team was contracted with making that content. The content we would be receiving from Studio 397 would be built to a significantly higher standard, with the official backing from the Formula E Championship as well.

There is no release date or official statement from Formula E or Studio 397 as of yet, but I would hopefully guess late 2017 or early 2018 for some sort of content. Are you excited for this announcement? Let us know!