rFactor 2 DX11 Beta Update Brings Multi-GPU Support and More

rFactor 2 DirectX 11 Beta

Back in June, Studio 397 released the first Beta of DirectX11 for rFactor 2, to a rather rocky first beta. Now, the Beta is starting to shape up nicely into a stable platform, and more features are being added! The latest Beta update has now added some eagerly awaited features, support for multiple GPUs and also multi-monitor selection!

The Multi-GPU support is definitely a feature that has been awaited by many racers, despite being somewhat niche. Not many racers tend to use SLI or Crossfire, but for those who do, now you’ll get more benefits of hooking multiple GPUs together in your system!

One other feature that I’m quite excited about is the added controller profiles. In my testing of the Fanatec CSL Elite PS4, the wheel was not FULLY compatible with rFactor 2 (as in I had to manually adjust degrees of rotation for each car). Now that this update officially supports the wheel, that shouldn’t be an issue anymore!

There are quite a few more updates in this update, so I’ve put the list down below. Note that it is recommended that you clear your shaders folder after the update downloads, to prevent some issues that could pop up. The folder to delete should be called “cbash”.

Have you tested out the new update? What are your thoughts?

Update time! new builds coming thick and fast…

– Fixed artifacts on old Real Road shader.
– Fixed screen capture in TTool.
– Fixed multiple controller profiles so JOY1 is default controller mapping.
– Added controller profiles for Fanatec wheels: Fanatec CSW v2.5, Fanatec CSW v2, Fanatec CSR Elite, Fanatec CSL XBOX, Fanatec CSL PS4.
– Added support for Multi-GPU and multi-monitor selection, available via drop downs in Launcher config.
– VR Added re-center view now assignable to a key (default is Backspace).
– VR Fixed Track loading screen.