GTPC for rFactor Released


Well, it was bound to happen eventually. After eight years, the Virtua_LM Junior Team has released the GTPC mod for rFactor!

This mod was initially announced in 2006(!) and was originally intended to be a port of the Virtua_LM Prototype C mod from F1 Challenge 99-02. Over time, the mod just grew and grew, eventually becoming GTPC. The GTPC mod encompasses over a decade of racing, between 1976 and 1988. That means nearly sixty cars, and over FIVE HUNDRED liveries to choose from! They are not just prototypes, either. Group B cars have also been tossed in the mix, if you are looking for a classic GT fix.


The mod also features a custom user interface, which really helps to clean up navigating rFactor’s menus. I like the look personally, because it presents everything in a logical manner. It also looks like that it can go beyond the GTPC mod, and extend to other content without looking out of place.

This mod has definitely seen a long road, and has had a solid team backing it:

Ady964 (painting)
Amax (archive)
Andrea Stefanoni (car modelling)
Darky (painting)
Discocandy (painting, PR)
Dom[GER] (car modelling)
GreyMatter (car modelling)
HarryCS (car modelling, painting)
Puppeteer (car modelling)
Swiss Hutless (car modelling + physics, painting )
Thinlane T (sounds)
Vassaldfada (sounds)
Vince Klortho (R&D)
Vivemclaren (car modelling)
Zulu (painting)

I would like to thank everyone who worked for years, bringing this great mod to rFactor! Hopefully we can see their work live on in the future, via a port to rFactor 2 and/or Assetto Corsa (hint hint).

What are your thoughts on this mod finally seeing the light of day? Let us know!