Endurance Series SP3 Live Presentation


EnduRacers‘ Endurance Series mod is one of the most popular for rFactor, giving you a full field of GT and Prototype racers. After years of waiting, the third Service Pack (SP3) is going to be coming to rFactor, and a live preview is coming in a couple hours!

Paddock TV (No affiliation with us) will be doing a preview of the Endurance Series SP3 live, via Twitch.tv. Starting at 9 PM Central European Time (1 PM Pacific Time), they will be testing the mod for a little over an hour and a half. I’m excited to see the new cars coming to the mod, and see what EnduRacers has done.

EnduRacers initially had plans for the Endurance Series SP3 to be released on a new platform (either rFactor 2 or Assetto Corsa). However, when they started on the third pack, they realized that neither platform was ready, so they continued development for rFactor. EnduRacers is planning on porting Endurance Series to rFactor 2 once SP3 is released, but they have specified no time frame on when the project will be finished.

If you missed out on EnduRacers’ mod because you never tried rFactor, you may want to give it a try. Even though it is admittedly long in the tooth, you’ll likely want to check it out for the vast content. It also is now available on Steam!

For more information on checking out the live stream, and a brief interview, check out the link here. Are you looking forward to checking out Endurance Series SP3 on rFactor? Let us know in the comments!