Reiza Studios Looking to Expand into Virtual Reality

Automobilista Renault

Reiza Studios has announced that they are planning on incorporating Virtual Reality technology into Automobilista. Renato Simioni has made a public statement on Reiza Studios’ official forums, concerning their intent for VR in their sim:

“We now are no longer in “wait and see” mode regarding VR, but openly intent on supporting it already with AMS. We are currently looking for developers to join us for this specific task, but until we do and have had the chance to assess it, it´s impossible to make any reliable estimate as to if and when it will actually come in time for AMS.”

In addition, Renato elaborates on how they plan on circumventing the biggest hurdle of Virtual Reality; its incompatibility with DirectX 9. When Virtual Reality support was originally planned for the sim, DirectX9 support for the Oculus Rift had not yet been phased out. Now that support for DX9 is not supported, Reiza will need to find another way to incorporate VR into Automobilista, maybe similar to how Live For Speed has support for the Rift?

Reiza Studios was also hit with another bump in the road: One of their team members left earlier this year. This led to more hiccups with the development process, however, Reiza took this in stride. They actually took to their private forums (for their SimRacing Bonanza backers), and offered refunds to anyone who invested because of the VR advertisement. That is a class act, Reiza!

As of right now, there is no definite timeline for VR’s implementation. Renato has said that they are currently looking for developers to get involved with the development of Virtual Reality support for Automobilista. Hopefully, Reiza will find some people to help out, and we can see VR in Automobilista soon!

What are your thoughts on Virtual Reality in Automobilista? Let us know in the comments!

NOTE: While the forum post mentions the Oculus Rift, there is currently no word on support is planned for the HTC Vive. I will reach out to Renato for comment, and will get back to you guys.