Niels Heusinkveld Releases John Surtees Tribute


Niels Heusinkveld, known for his “Talk-and-Drive” videos, as well as his work on the physics for Automobilista, has released a new video, as a tribute for John Surtees. In this video, Niels takes the “Formula Vintage” around Johannesburg Classic (which can be translated to taking a 1967-era Formula One car around Kyalami).

John Surtees was a legendary racer, both on two wheels and on four. Winning 7 Grand Prix Motorcycle Racing (now known as MotoGP) championships (in two classes) in his eight years of racing, he was legendary. He won over HALF of his races (38 wins in 51 starts).

In 1960, he moved on to Formula One, where he stayed for 12 years. Over those years, he raced with Lotus, Cooper, Lola, Ferrari, BRM, and McLaren. In 113 starts, he took home 6 wins, and one championship (in 1964 with Ferrari). John Surtees also ran in the 24 Hours of Le Mans 4 times, with a best overall finish of 3rd.

After retiring, John still stayed in the world of Motorsports, including being inducted into the F1 Hall of Fame in 1996. Sadly, in 2009, John’s son, Henry lost his life in an accident during a Formula 2 race, where a tire struck his head. After that, John became an advocate for road safety, and the prevention of head trauma.

John Surtees passed away on March 10th, 2017, due to respiratory failure. He was 83 years old.

John, you will always be remembered as a true racing legend!