JBM Offering a Shot to Race Around Jarama

JBM Racing Jarama competition

I received an interesting message today from JBM Racing, a sim racing group located out of Spain. They mentioned to me that they are hosting a simulator event this Saturday at Curcuito del Jarama, just outside of Madrid, and will offer a chance to drive a Pugeot 207 Cup car for five laps around the circuit.

While my Spanish is quite rusty, I was able to utilize Google Translate to try to decipher some of the information. It appears that JBM Racing will be using Automobilista for the competition (since that [and Game Stock Car Extreme]) are the only titles to feature the track as first party content. It also sounds like JBM will be using their own hand-made simulators, but I’m not completely certain on that.

It will run you 15 € to run the simulator at Jarama, but for the shot to race a real car around the former F1 circuit? That may just be worth it!

The event starts this Saturday (January 28th) at 11 AM UTC+1 at the Jarama race track. For more information, you can also check out JBM Racing’s event page on Facebook (be forewarned, it is in Spanish) It would be awesome to hear if any of our Spaniard readers got to check out the event, and share their experience!