GSCE Rental Karts Preview Video


Reiza Studios has released a new video preview for Game Stock Car Extreme’s v1.25 update, this time showing something a little… slower than you may be used to. Rental Karts will be coming the the sim!

These go-karts feature 13 horsepower engines, which will rocket you to speeds in excess of 30 miles per hour! The karts feature a protective ring around the karts, so you will be able to beat and bang with other racers, without worrying about wheel-on-wheel contact. While it may not reach Formula One speeds, judging from the video, these entry-level vehicles look to be a blast to drive.

The Game Stock Car Extreme v1.25 update will be released any day now, and will feature a lot of additions and improvements to the sim. In addition to the Rental Karts, we will also see Superkarts and the Metalmoro MR18 prototype on the vehicle side. On the tracks side of things, we will see the Ortega karting circuit, Buenos Aires 15, and Kyalami. The update will also bring physics improvements, including a new tire model, and chassis/wing flex.

Game Stock Car Extreme is also being released on Steam alongside the update! If you own Game Stock Car Extreme, and are looking for a Steam key, go to this link here, and enter the email you used to purchase the sim. Enter your key in Steam, and once it is released, it will automatically be added to your library.

Are you looking forward to the v1.25 release for Game Stock Car Extreme? What are your thoughts on these low-speed karts? Let us know in the comments!