Automobilista – v1.1.6 Released


Reiza Studios has released an incremental update for Automobilista, fixing some minor issues in the 1.1.5 update. The update will automatically install to the sim next time you fire up Steam.

Automobilista Version 1.1.6 Update Changelog

  • Fixed potential online mismatches with Caterhams and MCR
  • Imola 1972: Adjusted AI paths
  • Imola 2001: Fixed start light sequence
  • Imola 2016: Adjusted astroturf run-off at the exit of Villeneuve
  • Kansai West: Removed collision from garages not building in pits; Fixed DQ when in first garage slot
  • F-Trainer: Fixed steering wheel axis alignment
  • MCR: Fixed bug with auto-downshifting
  • Ultima GTR: Further adjusted AI in road versions