Adelaide and ARC Camaro RELEASED for Automobilista!


A couple new pieces of exciting content have been released for Automobilista! The 1.30 update for Automobilista brings us the ARC Camaro, as well as the Australian circuit of Adelaide, the two next pieces to be added to Reiza Studios’ sim.

The Aussie Racing Cars Camaro is a rather unique car, as it is not a REAL Chevrolet Camaro. It is one in (miniture) body alone. This car is a shrunken down version of the Chevrolet Camaro, and is similar in concept to Legends Cars. The Camaro is powered by a Yamaha FJR1300, which generates 125 bhp at 11,500 RPM. With the car only weighing less than 600 kg, this makes for a very lively and exciting car to drive!

The Australian race car also brings with it an iconic Australian circuit. Adelaide was host to the Australian Grand Prix for ten years, from 1985 to 1995, before shifting over to Melbourne. After that, the track was repurposed for a one-off American Le Mans Series race, and then has been since just for the Australian V8 Supercar Series (and support classes). Depending on the configuration, the temporary street circuit is either 2.01 mi or 2.35 miles long. The track will make a great fit for classic F1 cars, as well as the V8 Supercar and ARC Camaro.

The ARC Camaro and Adelaide combination was showcased by Reiza Physics Guru Niels Heusinkveld, who gave us a preview of the car. It looks very lively, and I’m excited to take this for a spin myself!

In addition to the new pieces of content, the update brings a few additions and fixes to the sim. One notable addition is simulation of engine wear and failures. If you abuse the engine, it will realistically wear, and fail. For more information, check out the changelog below.

Are you looking forward to taking this unconventional car out for a spin? Let us know!

Automobilista v1.3 Changelog



  • Added ARC Camaro Series


  • Added Adelaide street circuit (historic 1988, modern & Supertruck layouts) (AVAILABLE ONLY FOR ADELAIDE OR SEASON PASS OWNERS)

Features & Fixes

  • Added option to customize number of AI opponents per class in race weekend
  • Implemented audio reverb (static for now) & added option to customize reverb level from audio menu
  • Added new sound effect filters & altered doppler effect
  • Expanded audio options & reprofiled volume sliders
  • Added diesel exhaust smoke emission to Formula Trucks
  • Added F-Truck mid-race full course yellow option to RULES menu (may be used for other series as well) *
  • Race menu tweaks & other minor UI adjustments
  • DynHUD: Fixed Delta widget functionality occasionally not resetting when switching to another track in TT mode
  • Added function for track state deterioration while track is not used from one day to another and from one session to another (may vary from track to track)
  • Fixed bug with DRS counter causing DRS to be available before lap 3; Fixed DRS being available during and after safety car period; DRS can now also be deactivated by pressing DRS button
  • Added (AI) label to AI cars in multiplayer
  • Cars now default to ideal tire pressure & temperature, warmed up brakes at the start of Time Trial mode
  • updated engine wear / reliability values in various cars
  • Adjusted yellow flag / parc ferme / start procedure rules for several series
  • Raised AI speed behind safety car
  • Fixed bug with track state not resetting correctly when race or weekend is restarted
  • Added new engine wear / blow-up functions **
  • Adjusted marbles spacing offline to reduce FFB rattling
  • Added dynamic road shader for road surface dust (currently implemented at Adelaide, Oulton, Caldwell, Brands, Jacarepagua Historic and Montreal Historic, VIR, Kansai, Imola)
  • Interlagos: Eased off cut detection at T11 exit and inside S/F straight
  • Added low downforce aero packages to F-Classic, F-V12, F-V10, F-Reiza & F-Extreme
  • Slightly increased downshift protection in cars with semi-automatic boxes
  • Adjusted AI brake power / grip usage for all cars
  • Removed incorrectly enabled launch control from engines in several series
  • Fixed overdone dynamic tire wear texture
  • Supertruck: Raised camber and suspension damping for default setup; Adjusted tire textures
  • Boxer Cup: Completely revised physics with addition of helper springs
  • SuperV8: fixed uv mapping issue on carbody
  • F-Trainer: Minor tire model adjustments
  • F-Vintage: Minor tire model adjustments; Adjusted tire LOD settings
  • F-Retro: Minor tire model adjustments; Fixed black polys on one of the LODs of the Copersucar model
  • F-Classic: Minor tire model adjustments; Fixed textures error on low player and opponent settings
  • F-V12: Minor tire model adjustments; Softened front suspension range & default settings
  • F-V10: Minor tire model adjustments; Fixed black polys on one of the LODs; Fine tuned external sound samples overlap
  • Superkart: Minor tire model adjustments; Reduced aero yaw sensitivity
  • SuperV8: Minor tire model adjustments; reduced default roll bar setting a click on both ends
  • Karts: Further AI performance tuning

* The mid-race full course yellow is a rule from F-Truck – it triggers a 2-lap safety car period after the leader completes half race distance (provided the total distance is equal or more than 10 laps / 15 minutes).

** The new engine reliability functions will demand extra care during gear shifts, specially for older engines. Upshifting without lifting in cars without powershift and bouncing off the rev limiter will accelerate engine wear and may eventually lead to failures if practiced over a longer race distance; a very aggressive downshift may lead to an instant blow-up.

If you have an online race tonight, you may stick to or revert to the previous v1.2.1 by selecting that branch from the Steam Beta tab. Further instructions as to how to do that here.

If you have a bug to report please use the new bug report thread (make sure to check the opening post first).

If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.

For further difficulties related to installing, running or setting up the game, please refer to USER MANUAL present as a launch option from Steam If you need further assistance please post it inV1.0 troubleshooting topic or email (please allow for up to 1 business day for a reply).