Project CARS 2 Screenshots + Release Info

Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 has remained shrouded in mystery during its development process, but now we have gotten a bit more info. In addition, we also have some screenshots of the title in action, including a look at a snow/ice rally track.

The information comes to us from DrivingItalia, which I have translated to English:

“Just two days ago, Ian Bell of Slightly Mad Studios team spoke about the new Project CARS 2 explaining that, because of some delays on the GUI menu and on the game’s career, the current developers’ goal is to be ready for the game is released in September. Here instead arrive today a series of spectacular unreleased screenshots in high resolution showing us precisely Project CARS 2 in action!”

The screenshots showcase the the Ford Focus RS and the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution around a few tracks. One notable screenshot is the one at the top of this article showcases the Mojave Test Track, which should make its return. It also appears Willow Springs (2nd screenshot) and some other tracks will be making a return. I can’t tell exactly what the other courses are, but maybe some eagle-eyed readers can help out!

The second batch of screenshots shows off the new addition to Project CARS 2, rally racing. the new shots showcase a snow/ice racing course, and also the A 45 AMG and the Mini Countryman rally cars. This could be an exciting addition to the racing title, and I hope that the rally mode is fleshed out.

It is somewhat disappointing to hear that Project CARS 2 is pushed back to September 2017, but maybe there’s a chance we’ll get a more polished title when it does release. I’d say maybe no news is good news, so let’s see what happens!

What are your thoughts on this information for Project CARS 2? Let us know in the comments!