Wednesday, August 12, 2020
Project CARS 2 Race Engineer

New Project CARS 2 Preview Showcases Race Engineer

Project CARS 2 is just a couple months away, and we're starting to drown in preview footage of the title, thanks to what seems...

Project CARS 2 Car List Revealed

The official car list for Project CARS 2 has been revealed, showing off the roster of vehicles you'll be able to drive in Slightly...
IndyCar Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 IndyCar in VR

Project CARS 2 is definitely one of the more ambitious racing titles in the Sim Racing world, and is looking to make up for...

Project CARS 2 Coming September 22, 2017 – E3 Trailer Released

E3 is technically just a few days away, but Sim Racers have gotten their early taste of Slightly Mad Studios' Project CARS 2, in...

New Project CARS 2 Preview Showcases IndyCar Content

Two years ago, IndyCar content, as well as the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, was announced to be coming to Project CARS. However, upon the game's...

What We Know So Far About Project CARS 2

Project CARS 2 is one of the many titles set to be released later this year, and it is admittedly one of the ambitious....

Project CARS 2 – Rallycross and GT3 Preview

We have a new preview of Project CARS 2 from GameRiot, showcasing nearly 13 minutes of gameplay! In this video, we get a look...
Nissan GT-R Silhouette

Project CARS 2 to Feature 4 Nissan GT-R Cars

Project CARS 2 is shaping up to become a more full-fledged racing title, and we're getting plenty of new announcements! Following the Nissan GTP...
Project CARS 2 First Impressions

Project CARS 2 – Can it Redeem Itself?

2017 is going to be a huge year for sim racing, with GTR 3, DiRT 4, Project CARS 2, and more in development! Slightly...
Project CARS 2 Previews

More Press Coverage of Project CARS 2

Just yesterday, we saw the new trailerĀ for Project CARS 2 and we're starting to see more press coverage. With this, we're starting to get...