PiBoSo may be one of the craziest single man development teams in all of sim racing, being hard at work developing 4 very different racing titles. We have Kart Racing Pro, MX Bikes, GP Bikes, and World Racing Series that are currently available in Beta. World Racing Series is arguably the least developed of the bunch, but will seem to offer the most variety.

However, I don’t think many expected this new preview of the dynamic deformation for dirt courses. PiBoSo is known for innovation, including dynamic track conditions and weather. Now, this looks to be expanding to off-road racing, with terrain deformation.

The track deformation does seem quite impressive, judging from this video. One thing that particularly impressed me as how the edge of the track would expand by each pass. You can see the grass get torn up in a realistic fashion as well.

This should be coming in an upcoming update to World Racing Series. As of right now, the sim features 4 cars to drive on one road course. The sim is available for 26 Euro (around $30 USD). There is a free demo for you to try the sim before purchasing it as well.

Are you looking forward to some off-road racing in World Racing Series? Let us know in the comments!