Massive Sale on Renovatio Dashes


Are you looking to get a good deal on an external dash for your sim racing setup? One of my friends tipped me off on a very good sale on products by Renovatio. They have really slashed prices on their products, featuring up to 65% discounts!

Renovatio SRD-9C

The Renovatio SRD-9C, which I reviewed for Inside Sim Racing a year ago, has a severe price drop, from $168.71 down to $66.81. That is a $101.90 savings! While in my review of the dash, I complained you didn’t get enough for the money, I would say that this dash is well worth the sub-$70 price tag.

Renovatio SRD-4C

If you’re looking for a dash that’s more like an analog dash, Renovatio also has the SRD-4C available for $55.48 (previously $157.39). I haven’t tested this dash out, but it looks pretty cool. It may be a dash people could like for GT or oval racing, with a more linear tachometer.

Renovatio also offers a PCB module, which allows for custom enclosure solutions. One other thing that makes Renovatio’s offerings unique is that it can also serve as the base for a button box. The PCB supports 16 digital and four analog inputs, so you can make a button box, or wheel plate, if you desire.

While many people (myself included) would recommend the Siminstruments Dash, I would safely recommend the Renovatio dashes right now, since this is the best price I’ve ever seen for them!

There is no word on what has prompted this sale. I don’t know if Renovatio could be going out of business, or they’re putting out a new line. Nevertheless, if you’re on the fence about getting a dash, this may be the best time to get one!

Have any of you tested out a Renovatio dash? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments?