Derek Speare Releases 2015 DSD Pro Shifter


Earlier, Derek Speare of Derek Speare Designs teased a new, smaller version of the “Funstick”, their latest shifter. This latest shifter is developed using SLS 3D-Printing, which makes for a lightweight but strong design. Now, Derek Speare Designs has released the 2015 DSD Pro Sequential Shifter, making it available to the public!


Dubbed the “Funstick Junior”, this is a smaller version of last year’s variant of the DSD Pro Sequential Shifter. While the 2014 variant was manufactured out of CNC Aluminum, this version is made out of 3D printed plastic. That does not mean that it is not sturdy. This thing is built to LAST! Derek is touting a lifetime warranty on the product, and is claiming it will “last longer than you will”.

While the 2014 shifter is 19 inches, the 2015 model is significantly shorter, tipping the ruler at 11 3/8 inches. That is still a more noticeable size increase from the old DSD Pro Sequential, which is 8″.

The new shifter is not only in the middle in terms of size, but in terms of price. The old DSD Pro Sequential ranged from $159-179, and then the 2014 Pro Sequential was a whopping $700! The 2015 DSD Pro Sequential finds a comfortable middle ground of $299.75. That may seem expensive for a shifter, but if this will truly be the “last shifter you’ll ever buy”, then it’s likely a solid investment.

Derek Speare gave Richard Macnaughtan a preview unit of the 2015 DSD Pro Sequential shifter, and Richard wrote an in-depth review of the unit. You can check it out here.

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