One of the most impressive hardware projects I’ve seen by a small team have been the ProtoSimTech PST PT-1 pedal sets. Originally announced around last year, Chris Smith has been hard at work building these pedals with his father, and has done a bang-up job showing us each step along the way on their YouTube Channel.

Now, Barry Rowland of Sim Racing Garage has invited Chris over to discuss the upcoming pedal set in a interview in his garage! The video tips in at a bit over 14 minutes (don’t worry, you likely won’t need to break this video up into stints, like Barry’s other videos), but is a great interview, and helps show off the passion behind ProtoSimTech’s efforts to bring a solid mid-range pedal set to the market.

As we mentioned last week, the ProtoSimTech PT-1 Pedals’ first batch go on sale June 1st at Noon Eastern Standard Time. This batch will be limited to the first 20 sets, so if you want a set, you’ll need to really act fast! The First Edition batch will feature a unique dual-tone anodized black and silver finish, while from the second batch on, following units will be sand-blasted aluminum.

The main feature of the ProtoSimTech PT-1 will be the high level of adjustability. Almost EVERYTHING can be adjusted, even down to moving the load cell back and forward (Chris has repeatedly stated it is not recommended, but it can be done). The ProtoSimTech YouTube Channel also features in-depth videos on how you can tweak each pedal to suit your driving style.

The craziest part about the PT-1? The price: The pedal set will start at $319 (for a single pedal set)! The 3-pedal set will sell for $379, which is only around $100 more than the Fanatec Clubsport Pedals V2 (the go-to mid-range set), and undercuts other pedal sets from HPP Simulation, Heusinkveld Engineering, and other brands.

Are you looking forward to the ProtoSimTech PT-1 Pedal Set? Are you going to try to be part of the first batch? Let us know in the comments!