PC Specs

A common question I’ve been getting is “What are the Specs of the PC I use?” so I’m making this page to share the specs of my main two PCs that I use in my setups.

My main PC I am currently running is “The Stormtrooper”. This build is my Intel build, and I feel it’s my best that I have configured for Gaming. My 7th generation Intel i7 in this build is Overclocked to a fairly stable 5 GHz, and definitely gets the job done! This is my first Intel build, and I’m really enjoying it so far!


My other PC I have is the “Black Beauty”, my Ryzen build. Since I had used an AMD FX8350 build for years, I wanted to see how the ZEN architecture was an improvement, and it really is! While, for productivity, it absolutely BLOWS the Stormtrooper out of the water, I feel like the Intel build is still a little better for gaming.



Note that for my videos, I will play AND stream on the same PC. I don’t use a separate PC for streaming. For Console gaming, I use an Elgato HD60 for capture/streaming.


I hope this helps people looking for a decent mid-high end PC to build!