Teaming up with Fanatical


I have some exciting news! I have joined up with the Fanatical Affiliate Program, which is one of my favorite “Non-Steam” sites to get some great deals on computer games, including Sim Racing titles!

Fanatical has been around in some way since the 1990’s, originally creating their video games under the “Focus Multimedia” banner. Focus Multimedia was responsible for publishing some of my favorite video games I played as a kid, including F22 Raptor and Lego Racers 2 (although they didn’t actually publish them in the US, they published in other regions around the world). There was even this Dog/Cat Simulation that I used to play as a kid with my sisters, that apparently Focus Multimedia published in the UK!

In 2012, Focus Multimedia decided to rebrand, deciding to shift into partnering with developers and publishers to sell bundles under the “Bundle Stars” banner in 2012, and in 2017 they rebranded as Fanatical. They have partnered with over 900 companies, with nearly 6,000 games being sold. Note that this is a marketplace selling official Steam Keys given to them by actual developers and producers! There are other “Discount/Secondhand Shops” that will sell digital keys, such as G2A, but those are quite controversial due to the fact that sometimes those sites don’t support developers due to the fact that some of them are “stolen keys” or bought with stolen credit cards.

If you would like to browse the site for yourself and help support Sim Racing Paddock, check out this link here.

Bundle Stars/Fanatical has some incredible deals for people looking to get Sim Racing titles. Here are some of my recommended deals as of October 2020. NOTE: Prices on this post are in USD, but they have a Global Marketplace, so prices may vary for your region.

Assetto Corsa: Ultimate Edition is on sale for under $10

Assetto Corsa Competizione is on sale for under $20

DiRT Rally 2.0 – Super Deluxe Version is on sale for $45 (Normally $60)

The original DiRT Rally is TWO DOLLARS!!!

GTR 2 is on sale for under $6!

GT Legends, another Fan Favorite Sim Racing title, is on sale for $7

F1 2020: Schumacher Edition is on sale for $55 (Normally $70)

KartKraft, a really fun VR compatible Karting Simulation, is available for $12

My “Guilty Pleasure” Racer, Burnout Paradise, is on sale as well! $5 for it is a total STEAL!

These are some of my recommended titles to check out on the site. There are some other titles on as well, but those are not at a good enough sale to justify listing. If you want to browse the Racing Games section for yourself, check out this link here.

Hopefully you can find a great racing title at a solid price, but remember, do your research, better prices may be found elsewhere, even on Steam Sales! But so far, for a legitimate PC Game Marketplace, this is my favorite besides Humble Bundle (though, things went downhill a bit after they got bought out)!

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