My Summer Car Released on Steam


Are you looking for something a little different, to take a breather from hucking the Porsche 917/30 around the Nordschleife? How about a driving game, but with Permadeath and a Sauna? I an received this email today, about a game called “My Summer Car” being released on Steam’s Early access, and it looks like a fun title for people looking for a distraction game.

The idea of My Summer Car is to combine elements of driving games with “Sims” like details. You will get your car, and choose to repair it, trick it out, or set it up as a rally car. This may not be the most realistic title in terms of physics or racing rules, but this includes some features you never knew you wanted in Assetto Corsa, until you knew they existed.

My Summer Car Fuzzy DashWant to cover your car’s dashboard in pink fuzz? You have that option. Want to chug a case of beer on a boat in the middle of a lake? That has nothing to do with driving, but that is also a possibility in this! Want to go all Ricky Bobby against the cops? You’re able to do that too! Looking at the feature list of the game/sim/whatever-the-heck-it-is, it has some very interesting elements:

Full car assembly with over hundred parts

Detailed driving and engine simulation

ss_72d540da120536d7344504bf8db455e8a1129623-1920x1080Various other vehicles, cars and boat to use and drive

Dozens of kilometers worth of dirt and paved roads with AI traffic

Random paying jobs to cover food, beverage and fuel expenses

Rally event to participate in

Permanent death

Sauna bathing

90’s Finnish summer!

Support for steering wheel and shifter controllers

Much more!

I haven’t tested this game out for myself, but this looks like an excellent game for people who either want to go OCD-mode on their car tinkering, or are looking for the awkward lovechild of Euro Truck Simulator and Postal 2… or BOTH?!

ss_4167a57718b5e8fc4605b373aa669bfdc18001f0-1920x1080My Summer Car is now available on Steam, for $13.49. What are your thoughts on this rather… unorthodox game? Let us know!