Steam Winter Sale Sim Racing Recap

Steam Winter Sale

EDIT: Added DiRT Rally to the list!

With the holiday season wrapping up, it’s fair to assume quite a few racers may have a bit extra to spend on their Steam Libraries. In turn, quite a few of our favorite racing titles are in this year’s Steam Winter Sale! If you haven’t picked up the title, or you’re looking for a friend, then check out some of the titles!

ss_ecce642e3c414f229ec5233d0c228dcdaec1fb95-1920x1080rFactor 2 is undergoing a bit of a metamorphosis, and the future looks bright for the title. They recently did away with their confusing price model, and are selling the sim for a flat out $31.99. Well, make that $15.99! In the Steam Winter Sale, Studio 397 has slashed the price in half! With some of the exciting things coming in the future, such as VR, DirectX11 Support, and more great cars, this is a great way to get into one of the most technically advanced racing sims.Porsche Pack III

Assetto Corsa has also taken a price diet, shedding off 40% of its price. Kunos Simulazioni’s sim is available for $17.99, which is a great value on its own. However, you’ll likely want to spring for the excellent Dream Packs as well. Fortunately, that bundle is also 40% off, bringing the price to $29.99. That’s the same as buying the game and getting the three packs for free! Also, if you’re looking to get the Porsche Packs, they are 28% off, running for $15.09.

Automobilista Formula DirtAutomobilista has seen a new update for the sim, which brings Formula Dirt to the sim. The Formula Truck DLC brings a unique experience as well. If you haven’t tested out one of the best “Bang for the Buck” sims, you may want to take a look at this promotion! The sim is a whopping 60% off, retailing for $15.99. You can also purchase the Season Pass for $22.99, which includes the Brit Pack DLC, Imola Track Pack, Formula Truck DLC, and all upcoming DLC for the sim. For $29, you can do a lot worse.

Project CARS is one of the controversial titles in the racing world, but it is currently under the $10 mark. The Game of the Year Edition is $13.55, so that may pique some drivers’ interests, for the car/track roster alone.

Next Car Game: Wreckfest isn’t exactly a sim, but it’s some great fun! It’s also 50% off, retailing for $19.99. If you were a fan of the FlatOut series of games, you should definitely pick this up!

F1 2016F1 2016 is one of the most technically in-depth racing titles, and is a return to form for Codemasters. The title still commonly trends around the $60 mark, but now it’s 40% off, retailing for $35.99.

Speaking of “Return to Form”, DiRT Rally is one of the surprise hits of 2015/2016 with its no-holds-barred rally racing, with shades of the classic Colin McRae Rally titles. For $23.99 (60% off), it’s a no-brainer for any rally racing fan!

Some other promotions worth a look are:

Did you score any good sales in this Steam Winter Sale? Find any that I missed? Let us know in the comments!