Planning Sim Racing Paddock Online Events!


With Sim Racing Paddock growing and forming a community, I’ve been getting plenty of requests to coordinate online events with the community, and to celebrate SRP reaching 4,000 subscribers, I wanted to announce two events for the Sim Racing Community!

First off, I’m planning on a race event for the community to take part in. As of right now, I’m thinking of hosting the event in Assetto Corsa, but I am open to suggestions! If you are interested in joining the event, there are two things you need to do:

and that’s it! I am planning the event for early July, and will bring more information in the coming days!

Next up, we have another exciting big ticket event planned! Lately, I have had the idea, “What if we got some of the top Sim Racing personalities together for a special race event?” We have some great people representing the hobby of Sim Racing, so it could be great to see us all band together for an event!

I’m planning to have the “Sim Racing Personality Shootout“, where we will pit some of the top personalities head to head, and have them duke it out!

I’m still working out the details, but I will shortly send out invitations in the next week or so! I’m thinking of bringing people such as Jimmy Broadbent, GamerMuscle, Empty Box, Shaun Cole,AussieStig maybe one or two guys from ISR, and more! Depending on community reception, we could also get other personalities together, possibly AR12Gaming, TheSLAPTrain, and others. With their expanded subscriber base, we may be able to bring even more exposure to Sim Racing! Let me know who YOU would like to see in the event, and I can try to see what I can do!

For convenience, I’m thinking iRacing could be the best choice for the race itself, but I’m open to suggestions.

These are just the FIRST two events I am planning, and will likely host plenty more as time goes on! Let me know what ideas you have, and we can feature it on the site and the forums!