KartKraft – New Preview Screenshots


We have some new screenshots showing off KartKraft, taken by our very own Forum Moderator Patrick Behrendt! Long thought dead or vaporware, it looks like this title is far from dead.

KartKraft a kart racing simulator that has had a… how to put this delicately… tumultuous history, with it being in development for over a decade. Originally known as KartSim, the title was being touted as a full blown karting simulator running on Unity. As development progressed, the title changed to “KartKraft”, migrated to Unreal Engine, and entered a closed Beta.

I have been following the development of KartSim/KartKraft ever since the initial announcement since it was originally publicly announced, wayyyyyy back in November of 2016 (to put in perspective, I was 13 at the time). Let’s hope that after this long and bumpy road, we’ll finally see a solid release in the near future!

Patrick and I talked a little bit and he said, while he can’t share much due to it being a closed beta, that it has made a “complete change” from where it was before. Earlier in testing, some members were saying it was somewhat lackluster, so it sounds like the changes they made were likely for the better! Hopefully we’ll be able to find out for ourselves soon!

What do you think about this exciting news about KartKraft? I think the screenshots look pretty good, how about in motion? Let us know! Also, for fun measure, here’s the most recent trailer, released February 2016.