Josh Martin Signs Partnership with ProRace UK

Josh Martin

We are starting to see Sim Racing emerging further as an E-Sport, due to efforts from Forza Motorsport, iRacing, Project CARS and other sims to further legitimize the concept of racing behind a screen. In addition, due to competitions such as GT Academy, we are seeing more virtual drivers make the transition to real world racing. Now, we’re seeing another driver make the jump to real world racing, as Josh Martin signs a partnership with ProRace UK!

img_6581-1-copyJosh Martin will become the first E-Sports Ambassador for ProRace UK, an organization that provides support for aspiring race car drivers. Martin will be the first E-Sports driver to be sponsored by the UK-based firm on the digital side. In addition, Josh will attempt to make the jump from digital to real world, with the goal of transitioning to endurance racing in the near future. ProRace UK had this to say about their new recruit:

“Bringing Josh on board is vital to our future plans and aspirations as a business and like

any other business, it’s paramount that we engage with potential clients and showcase our

services to them. Our primary aim is simple, to show to both Esports athletes and

current/future customers (racing drivers) the natural relationship and migration between

each. The exciting part for us is when we see Josh climb into one of our race cars and then

jumps out onto the top st … ep of the podium and it doesn’t stop there. Allowing racing drivers

to save thousands of pounds practicing at a chosen track and spending the time in a

controlled environment for 10 or 20 times the amount of time and making the vital ‘pound

per minute driving’ calculation far more efficient in driver and vehicle gains when we get to


-Craig Harper (ProRace UK Team Manager)

Josh Martin is no stranger to the public eye, as he as also gained recognition from Codemasters as well: in 2014, Josh was featured in a community spotlight, when he was offered a seat in a Formula Ford race car.

Josh Martin SigningNow, he is looking to take further steps forward to make the translation from virtual to real, and we at SRP wish Josh the best of luck in his racing career!